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We identify and approach prospects with your B2B value propositions and help them make buying decisions through enabling content and virtual engagement. We believe in setting the buying experience apart which turns customers into true brand loyalists.

Generate Demand, It Will Rain Leads!

The B2B sales space is evolving fast. Unless you have a synchronized system in place combining the strength of both marketing and sales, chances are that your competitor is snatching the deal away.

We are a group of seasoned B2B sales and marketing professionals with vast experience in representing some of the leading businesses in the US, UK, Middle East and Europe.

At ConvertB2B, we offer that critical in-sync approach that is the surest way to up your sales game. The line between sales and marketing has blurred in the digital ecosystem.

Buying decisions are informed by the combination of content that is meant to engage and guide prospects and sales outreach efforts that clear doubts and convince prospects to convert.

Scale Up Your Sales Revenue Now

Virtual Selling

Enterprise-level companies are employing remote sales reps who are experts in closing sales virtually and helping buyers make the right decision. Our SDRs have experience working for Fortune 500 companies and have also closed high ticket deals with US and Canadian governments. Rest assured, we offer 100% remote selling services with the guarantee of customer success.

Buyer Enablement

It is becoming increasingly difficult for B2B businesses to stand out from the competition. The best bet is to make the buying experience as smooth and efficient as possible and that’s what buyer enablement is all about: think about the product/solution from the buyer’s perspective and help them transition from a prospect to a brand loyalist and you do it by offering relevant and up-to-date information and expert perspective.

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

To target prospects with razor-sharp personalization, it’s critical to have a well-defined ICP. As the essential first step towards setting perimeters for prospecting, we know the importance of ICPs and ensure that not only the correct but the most accurate accounts are approached.

Lead Research

We are experts at handling lead databases which is arguably the most crucial asset in a B2B revenue generation strategy. The more precise the list, the better chances there are of closing a deal.

Cold Outreach

Cutting through the noise and piquing the interest of a stranger to listen and respond to a cold call or email is hard but it’s not impossible. The trick lies in deep research and the nuances of cadence. We know the art of making a stranger into a paying customer.

Social Selling

When it comes to social selling, no other platform offers the level of personal engagement and opportunities for closing deals than LinkedIn. We offer specialized LinkedIn management services that help businesses outreach potential clients and develop engagement opportunities in the peculiar LinkedIn ecosystem.

Marketing Automation

Efficient management of communication workflows in both inbound and outbound emails helps you reach potential leads with a personalized touch. Using various CRMs we gather critical data that helps improve our strategy and make the sales efforts more efficient.

Sales Enablement

The basis of a holistic B2B sales engagement requires product orientation and content support that not only educate prospects about the product but make the work of the salesperson easier. Our sales enablement services drive the right tone and messaging throughout the various junctures in a prospect’s journey until they convert.

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