Know Your Ideal Customer Profile

As a B2B company, you can’t just focus on solving problems — you also have to look at the audience you’re solving it for. Ideas can easily fall flat if they fail to reach the right ears.

Identifying the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for your B2B product is make or break. If you do this step smartly, it can set you apart from countless others.

ConvertB2B’s holistic approach to the revenue funnel starts with hitting the right audience square in the bullseye. We believe in getting straight to the point, and that means conducting online research, interviewing prospects that match your buyer persona (both Arabic and English), and finding insights about your audience’s problems that we can report back to you.

Our guided questionnaires are tailored to each industry, bringing insights that refine your value proposition so you can fine-tune your go-to-market motion.

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Understanding Your Customer is half
the work done!


Challenge Analysis, Value Proposition, Brand Building, Market Positioning, SWOT Analysis


Social Selling, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, CRM Management, Account-Based Marketing, Rev-Ops (Revenue Operations)


Sales Enablement, Conversion Journey Enhancement, Upselling and Cross-Selling, A/B Testing and Experimentation, Social Proof and Testimonials, Lead Nurturing


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Create and manage customer journeys across funnels and touchpoints for a perfect user experience

Demand Generation

Build an organic presence and charm your prospects with your industry knowledge and expertise

Lead Generation

Proactively reach out to the right prospect and initiate a conversation about your business

Paid Ads

Find customers who are looking for solutions that you offer and reach out to close deals

Sales Enablement

Equip business development teams with the tools and resources to effectively engage and convert