Lead Generation

Elevate Sales with Proactive Outreach

ConvertB2B’s lead generation strategies foster a continuous pipeline of prospects, contributing to sustained business growth for you in the B2B landscape.

We identify the right ICP for your brand first, and then craft various tactics, including cold email campaigns, and social media outreach. By doing so, we reach out to the right prospects that are nurtured further through targeted communication.

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Reach out Aggressively to
Drive Sales

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Unlock a goldmine of potential customers with advanced Sales Navigator filters. We seamlessly connect your brand with decision-makers, turning these connections into meaningful business opportunities.

Email Marketing

Our dynamic email marketing services help you drive engagement and conversions, through personalized campaigns and compelling newsletters -- all of which utilize messages that are crafted to resonate with your audience.

Cold Calling

Our focused cold calling efforts make lasting impressions and drive results, thanks to a skilled team that follows a personalized approach. Rest assured, your cold leads will be turning into warm prospects with meaningful conversations ensured.

Lead Research

Go beyond the basics and learn in-depth insights about your target audience. We empower you with the research and knowledge needed to tailor pitches, helping you foster potential long-term partnerships.

Appointment Setting

We take the burden of navigating through leads away from you -- so you can focus on what you do best. This makes sure you secure qualified appointments as we pave the way for successful client interactions.


We create the perfect user experience to optimize your customer’s journey across funnels.

Demand Generation

Establish an organic presence and become thought leaders in your industry with ConvertB2B.

Paid Ads

We help you locate ideal customers with our paid ad strategies to help you close more business.

Sales Enablement

We introduce you to the right tools and resources to amplify your business development tactics.


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